Workers' Comp Settlements: Choosing A Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer to handle your legal claim isn't always an easy decision, especially when you have a number of attorneys to choose from in your area. If you value expertise, straightforward answers, honest advice and committed legal representation, the Law Offices of William S. Lindheim is the right choice for you.

At our firm, we put our clients first. We know the law and have years of experience focused exclusively on workers' compensation law. We will handle the legal issues of your claim while you focus on recovering from the accident and dealing with the injury. Our attorneys offer unwavering support throughout all steps of the legal process involved in a workers' comp claim and obtaining workers' comp benefits.

Why Choose Our Attorneys?

The attorneys at the Law Offices of William S. Lindheim proudly maintain a successful workers' compensation practice in Southern California. There are many reasons our lawyers are qualified to handle your case, some of which include:

  • Board-certified specialists: William Lindheim is a board-certified specialists by the State Bar of California in workers' compensation law. Very few law firms in the area have a team of experienced attorneys with this level of distinction.
  • Focused exclusively on workers' comp: Workers' comp is all we do. This means we dedicate all our time, resources and energy into representing people who have been injured in workplace accidents. We have handled almost all types of workplace accidents and have the skills to undertake even the most complicated cases.
  • Trial experience: Clients benefit from the trial experience we have obtained in our 44-plus years of experience. We know how to prepare a claim, when to expect challenges and how to avoid them, if possible.

Getting A Fair Workers' Compensation Settlement

It is in your best interests to work with an experienced attorney, especially when it comes to getting a workers' comp settlement. Our attorneys know the tactics that are used to get individuals to reach a quick settlement, which ultimately may not be in our clients' best interests. This is where we step in as advocates. We will help determine what types of settlements you are entitled to, and explain the differences between a lump-sum settlement and other types of settlements.

Contact The Law Offices Of William S. Lindheim

There is no risk in meeting with our lawyers in Torrance for a free initial consultation. Please contact us by calling 213-739-7000 or by completing a short online contact form. We handle cases throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside & San Bernardino and Ventura counties.