Other Benefits

Life Pension

When a worker is severely (but not completely) permanently disabled, he or she is entitled to a life pension once the permanent disability benefits run out. Exactly how much this life pension pays depends on exactly how severe the injuries suffered. Workers whose injuries preclude them from ever working again are paid at the temporary disability rate.

Death Benefits

If a worker dies in the course of his or her employment, death benefits are payable. If the deceased worker has a single total dependent, that dependent receives $250,000. Two total dependents will split 290,000, and three total dependents will split $320,000. Partial dependents receive four times the annual support up to $290,000. In addition, burial expenses up to $10,000 are payable.

Free Medical Care

Injured workers who qualify for workers' compensation benefits are entitled to free health care for the injuries they sustained. There are a couple caveats, however. First, the health care an injured worker receives must be deemed reasonable and appropriate by the workers' compensation system — so an injured worker is not entitled to any medical care he or she thinks is reasonable. Second, the insurance company can usually insist that an injured worker treat within that company's network of doctors.


Often, workers are injured in a way that prevents them from returning to their old line of work, but are not so injured that they cannot ever work again. For example, a professional basketball player who injures his or her knee may not be able to play basketball anymore, but still may be able to coach. These workers may qualify for an additional benefit called a supplemental job displacement voucher, which may be used toward job training another field of work an injured worker is capable of performing. For example, it can be used to help cover tuition at a trade school or college. The value of this voucher depends on the date of injury and severity of the injury.

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