A Broken System:
Recent Changes To Workers' Comp In California

Workers' compensation is supposed to afford injured workers access to swift, effective treatment. Yet, recent changes to the system have led to just the opposite. Insurers routinely deny testing and treatment, overruling the treating doctor's recommendations. Workers now only have one way to challenge the denial - through an anonymous process that is fundamentally flawed. Their decisions are ultimately made by strangers.

With these new changes, delays and treatment denials have become commonplace. Injured workers increasingly find themselves without access to treatment - and without access to justice.

At the Law Offices of William S. Lindheim, we have long worked to secure the rights of injured workers. Those rights are worth fighting for - now more than ever.

Find out more by reading our free white paper entitled Denied Treatment: How California Workers' Comp Is Failing Injured Workers .

You will learn:

  • How roadblocks in the workers' comp process lead to denials and delays
  • How recent changes in the process have been a step backward rather than forward
  • What steps are necessary to start leveling the playing field

We have prepared some slides below that summarize the most important points of our white paper.