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workplace illness Archives

Cal/OSHA warns about occupational disease outbreak

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health recently warned employers in some industries about a hepatitis A outbreak in certain counties. They were urged to take preventative measures to protect workers from the virus that could cause a potentially deadly occupational disease. Hepatitis A is highly contagious, and it is typically spread through contact with the fecal matter of an infected person -- even in amounts that are microscopic.

Occupational disease claims filed against Wrigleys

California workers whose work environments expose them to artificial flavorings may be interested in the claims of more than 20 former employees of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. in a lawsuit they filed in another state. Most of the plaintiffs contend that long-term exposure to acetyl propionyl and diacetal which are flavoring chemicals have resulted in respiratory problems. Some claim that handling, blending and mixing these chemicals resulted in them suffering a life-threatening occupational disease.

Science teacher's claim for work-related illness rejected

A high-school science teacher in California says he is no longer able to take field trips with students, nor can he continue to coach soccer as he did for many years. The reason, he claims, is a work-related illness that he alleges was caused by exposure to pungent and hazardous fumes that have been emanating from the floors and walls of his classroom. He asserts it started after renovations were done at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year, and despite many complaints, nothing has been done about it.

Hantavirus -- lung disease caused by clearing mouse nesting

Visitors to the popular Mono County ghost town at the Bodie State Historic Park may not even suspect that the California Department of Parks and Recreation employees at the facility seem to put their lives on the line while working there. This is what one employee's father alleges. He claims his son contracted a rare lung disease while working at the facility.

Tesla employees claim violations of illness-protection rules

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health laws related to the management of hazardous chemicals are more strict than in most other states. All employers must establish illness and injury programs that are effective and provide protection for all their employees, regardless of whether they actually work with the chemicals on-site or not. Workers at the Tesla plant in Fremont claim that the company does not comply with these regulations.

K-9 identifies hazard that could cause workplace illness

The prompt action of Riverside police may have prevented employees at a storage facility from being exposed to harmful chemicals. Any excessive exposure to chemicals can cause workplace illness, and many such incidents occur in California every year. A door standing open at a storage facility prompted authorities to investigate on a recent Saturday.

Heat illness -- a life-threatening occupational hazard

Every year when August comes around, employers and employees must be reminded of the dangers posed by the high summer temperatures. It is vital for all to be aware of not only precautions to take but also the telltale signs of heat illness. Prompt action at the initial stages of this occupational illness can prevent it from developing into a life-threatening situation.

Health hazards of pipe-repair process cause long-term effects

A team of researchers recently revealed results of studies that call for immediate action to safeguard workers and the public from hazards to which they are exposed where repairs to storm-water pipes, sewers and even drinking water pipes take place. Although the researchers said that the process that is used nationwide involves brilliant technology, the dangers and long-term effects to the health of employees cannot be ignored. Studies took place in California and one other state.

Construction accident: Fall harness saves steel worker's life

The lives of three California workers have been saved in as many months on the site where the new Facebook building is under construction. In April, two employees were involved in a construction accident when the steel structure on which they were working somehow collapsed, causing them to fall 20 feet. On July 18, another worker fell at the same construction site. Fortunately, all three these workers wore safety harnesses that arrested their falls and saved their lives.

Occupational disease: California recognizes beryllium threat

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has halted the process of setting beryllium standards several times. Because of the significant threat posed by this metallic element, the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board has decided to proceed with establishing safety standards. This is to protect employees who handle beryllium from suffering the life-threatening allergic occupational disease called berylliosis.

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