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November 2017 Archives

Valley fever is a workplace illness that could be fatal

Workers in the construction and farming industries in the San Joaquin Valley areas of California are at risk of contracting Valley fever. This is a workplace illness that affects an employee's respiratory system, and it is caused by microscopic spores of the Coccodioides fungus. The fungus lives in the soil, and when working activities disturb the soil, the spore-containing dust can be inhaled. They enter the lungs, and the bloodstream also carries the spores to other body parts.

Construction accident at High-Speed Rail project injures 2

The California High-Speed Rail project has 17 locations over a 29-mile stretch where approximately 1500 people work. The first significant construction accident since the project started three years ago occurred on a recent Saturday. Reportedly, the incident happened along Highway 99 just to the north of Fresno.

Work accident claims life of farm worker in California

The California Highway Patrol and the Ventura County Fire Department responded to an accident scene shortly before 8 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. They arrived at the scene to find the deceased employee of an agricultural company. The circumstances that led to the fatality are still unknown, although it was determined that it was a work accident.

Construction accident: 2 workers trapped under 6 feet of steel

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has launched an investigation into an incident that occurred at the high-speed rail project in Northwest Fresno. Multiple agencies responded when the call went out about a collapsed structure. Cal/OSHA is now trying to find out how the construction accident happened.

Unhygienic workplace can lead to work-related illness and injury

Unhygienic work environments in California can have many consequences. They can lead to high staff turnovers. Where there are breeding places for bugs and bacteria, the health of the all the employees can be affected. Work-related illness and injury can also have an adverse impact on a company's bottom line.

Do you know what to do after suffering a work accident injury?

Members of the workforce in California are all at risk of suffering on-the-job injuries, regardless of the industry in which they are employed. Even a slip-and-fall accident in an office environment can cause injuries that might range from bruises to traumatic brain injuries. The reality is that every employee should be prepared and know what to do in the event of a work accident.

Employees: Workers' injuries are expected in hostile workplaces

Many workers in the workforce across the country do not seem to be happy with their workplace environments, nor do they feel safe at work. This was revealed by recent research that was a collaboration between a nonprofit institute and two noted universities. It appears more than half of the respondents nationwide claim to work in unpleasant circumstances in which they are exposed to potentially hazardous conditions with high numbers of workers' injuries.

Strict rules to prevent a work accident in confined spaces

California employees who have to face the dangers of confined spaces in the line of duty would likely rely heavily on their employers to comply with safety regulations. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Administration has strict rules to keep workers safe when they have to enter dangerous spaces. A work accident in a confined area could have tragic consequences.

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