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Negligent operating of machinery might have caused fatality

One of the hazards in many work environments in California is complacency. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their workers, and that includes frequent safety training sessions to remind all employees of the dangers of their occupations. When nothing goes wrong for some time, it is not uncommon for workers to become complacent about safety regulations. Negligent operating of machinery is often to blame for many on-the-job accidents.

This may have been the cause of a recent fatal accident in the Salinas Valley early on a recent Wednesday morning. According to a preliminary report by the California Highway Patrol, a 36-year-old tractor operator headed east on a dirt road in the agricultural area. They say it was still dark and conditions included dense fog when the crash occurred.

Reportedly, the farm worker did not realize that he had entered a T-junction where the road on which he was traveling ended. He drove straight ahead and went down a steep embankment that caused the tractor to flip. He was ejected and did not survive the accident. Officers suspect that he was traveling at an unsafe speed for the prevailing circumstances.

Police reported that there was no indication that alcohol or drugs were involved, and the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has arrived at the scene to investigate the fatal accident. It will determine whether this was a case of negligent operating of machinery, and the role the employer played in the incident. While all that is happening, the deceased worker's surviving family members may seek the assistance of an experienced workers' compensation attorney to pursue financial assistance through the death benefits offered by the workers' compensation insurance program.

Source: gonzalestribune.com, "Farmworker dies in accident on Old Stage Road", Oct. 20, 2017

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