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April 2016 Archives

Roasting and grinding of coffee can cause deadly lung disease

A chemical to which most California residents are exposed on a daily basis is safe to ingest in trace amounts but can be deadly if the fumes are inhaled in excess of certain sprecified levels. The chemical is called diacetyl and is also synthetically produced under the name 2,3-pentanedione. Overexposure can lead to a deadly lung disease.

Workplace accidents: 3 lawnmower operators killed within 3 weeks

Landscaping company workers in California and across the country face unique safety hazards. A Occupational Safety and Health Administration office in another region reported its concern about recent fatalities involving tractors or mowers. The agency urged company owners to prioritize the safety of employees and prevent workplace accidents.

Construction worker suffers fatal injuries in fall from roof

Construction company owners in California and across the nation must be aware of the fact that fall accidents are responsible for a significant number of fatalities in the building industry every year. To prevent incidents of workers falling from roofs, scaffolds or other heights that can lead to fatal injuries, employers must comply with strict safety regulations that are prescribed by the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Unfortunately, some business owners fail to prioritize the safety of their workers.

Factory accident: Surprise start-up of concrete mixer kills man

Workers at industrial plants in California are typically exposed to many safety hazards related to heavy machinery and equipment. The same goes for workers in other states, and learning of an industrial worker's death in a preventable factory accident is always tragic. A 23-year-old employee of an out-of-state manufacturer of concrete products such as pavers and retaining walls recently lost his life in such an accident.

Worker suffers fatal injuries when unstable wall collapses

Construction company owners in California have a significant responsibility to assess construction sites carefully before every shift. If potential safety hazards are not identified and addressed, workers can suffer life-threatening or even fatal injuries. Changing weather conditions can cause unsafe areas overnight, and they may be missed if site inspections are not carried out.

Gas line explosion causes burn injuries to construction worker

Working around natural gas is extremely dangerous, and construction workers are often exposed to this deadly hazard. Inadvertently puncturing high-pressure gas lines can cause explosions that result in life-changing injuries or worse. For this reason, it is vital for construction company owners nationwide, including here in California, to consult with service providers of natural gas to ensure diggings and excavation will be safe.

Work accident: Dual employers cited for meat grinder incident

Some California workers who are placed in unsafe workplace environments by temporary employment agencies may feel insecure about which entity will be deemed the employer when it comes to on-the-job injuries. In cases in which workers are employed by placement agencies as well as host companies, the California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that both employers accountable for safety violations. In either event, employees injured in a work accident are entitled to pursue benefits claims through the workers' compensation insurance system.

Port worker dies in work accident when struck by tractor trailer

A California family recently lost a loved one in an industrial accident that occurred at the Port of Los Angeles. According to a work accident report, the 71-year-old worker was occupied in the staging area where containers that are unloaded from cargo ships are placed on the chassis of waiting trucks. In circumstances not yet determined, the worker was struck and killed by a tractor trailer.

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