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April 2015 Archives

Can I switch physicians under workers’ compensation law? P.1

In our previous post, we began speaking about the rights of workers when it comes to selecting a physician for treatment after a workplace injury. We spoke, in particular, on the issue of predesignation, which allows workers to select a preferred physician in advance to ensure they are treated by a physician of their choice.

What are my medical provider rights after a workplace injury?

For employers and their workers’ compensation insurance carriers, reducing the costs of workplace injury is an important goal. A variety of steps can be taken toward this end. One of these, according to industry experts, is for employers to work on building solid working relationships with the physicians that treat their workers.

Injured workers: keep good records of your injury and workers’ comp documents

Receiving prompt and adequate compensation for legitimate workplace injuries is one of the cornerstones of the workers’ compensation system. As we’ve previously mentioned on this blog, it is a right that comes at the cost of injured workers waiving the ability to seek other forms of injury compensation.

What workers’ compensation benefits are available at the federal level?

Like the rest of us, federal workers too can become injured on the job from time to time and need compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages and other costs. Federal employees, though, fall under a different workers’ compensation system than those in the private sector. Here we’d like to briefly look at this system and the types of benefits it offers.

Protecting your rights in workers’ compensation disputes is our priority

In our last post, we spoke a bit about the results of a couple recently released audits of public safety workers’ compensation filings. One of the important findings of the audits, we noted, was that there is allegedly a tendency for public safety workers in Los Angeles to file excessive claims. Changes in the form of increased financial accountability for departments have been suggested to address the issue. 

Audits speak of excesses in LA public safety workers’ compensation filings

According to two recent audits of workers’ compensation claims filed by public safety employees, Los Angeles taxpayers are paying more for injured firefighters and police officers than taxpayers in other cities with comparable departments. The reason, according to the audits, is that there is allegedly a public safety culture which approves of excessive filing of workers’ compensation claims.

Lack of protection for nurses makes it important to work with attorney, P.2

Continuing where we left off last time, we would like to speak briefly in this post about the importance, for injured nurses, of working with an experienced ensure their rights are protected when seeking compensation. As we’ve noted, injury protection and prevention is not uniform in the nursing industry. Because these protections are so patchy, injured nurses need to make sure they have the advocacy necessary to receive all the workers’ compensation to which they are entitled.

Lack of protection for nurses makes it important to work with attorney, P.1

We have previously written on this blog about the risks nurses face on the job every day, particularly with respect to musculoskeletal injuries. One fact that many don’t realize is that nursing is one of most dangerous professions out there when it comes to the risk of back injury. By the nature of the work, back injuries are easy to come by.

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